Luan Jardine's Portfolio


My name is Luan.

I'm a businesswoman that thrives on innovation and creativity. I customize marketing and social media strategies that exceed expectations. 

I have developed a nuanced understanding of marketing and how different audiences can be reached and have their needs met and exceeded. I understand that there is a market offline and that those people can be reached in other ways, like face-to-face contact.

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What I Provide

  • Marketing strategies 

    • Reaching a target audience

    • Keeping a consistent and relevant brand image

  • Social media strategies

    • Understanding social platforms and which are most useful

    • Developing engaging content that followers will interact with

  • Website design

    • Developing website design and customized work

    • Creating an interactive page

  • Photography

    • Creating engaging content for a company

  • Graphic design

    • Developing posters, logos, icons, and much more to fit your unique needs


Photography content:

Graphic design content:

From previous workplaces and personal projects.


Why me?

Through my university education I have learned many different marketing strategies and what works for different markets largely depending on age group. This leads me into my next point - why marketing and social media strategies are two different things. Depending on the market and the company, you will either thrive off of social media interactions with your followers or it won't prove to be effective. I understand that there is a market offline and that those people can be reached in other ways, like face-to-face contact. Along side my structured work, I also enjoy producing creative work through designing, and photography.


My Experience

I dabble in different creative outlets that allow me to fully express myself and my clients. I have been working as a marketing contract worker for three years. I have worked for mostly start up companies developing their social content both strategically and visually. I have also worked in a couple major wineries in the Okanagan region. This diverse experience has allowed me to further understand client bases and what content different demographics want to consume.

It can be difficult to stand out in relation to graphic design and photography because these days everyone with a smartphone can make or capture something beautiful. BUT the story I put behind my work takes a more interesting approach. I enjoy getting to know the underlying meaning of what I am developing and through that, I can feel images or designs coming together in my head. I develop my creative strategies from a story or information. I am open-minded and am able to create diverse content which I take great joy in.


My Previous Work

Creative by Latitude

I’m still working for Kendall with her company for Creative by Latitude to help her develop ideas and brainstorm different strategies we can put in place. I am the social media voice behind the brand, meaning I am a content creator for our social media outlets and some website graphics. I’m constantly reaching out to brands and brainstorming what message we should deliver next.

Please view our current feed →→→


Okanagan coLab

I did the event promotion and social media marketing for Okanagan coLab which involved re-thinking the social media strategy. I developed and out sourced content for their social media feed and promoted events to my best ability both online and in person. I also assisted in event photography and video which created engaging content for coLab’s audience.

Okanagan coLab’s Instagram feed while I worked there.

Okanagan coLab’s Instagram feed while I worked there.

Blind Tiger Vineyards

I re-vamped Blind Tiger’s website (please see the link below) and took over their social media. I raised their followers over 200% in three months organically (without paid ads) and introduced a return on investment from a social media presence. I photographed all original images for their Instagram and got a lot of positive feedback. I also developed posters and graphics for Blind Tiger’s use which you can view below. Blind Tiger gained a loyal following online which is one of my greatest accomplishments. My other greatest accomplishment is that I design and implemented their Bootlegger Wine Club; from the website back end, to drafting member benefits. I developed this wine club in my four months of employment and it is now live on the website.

Blind Tiger’s Instagram feed while I worked there. [Original content]

Blind Tiger’s Instagram feed while I worked there. [Original content]

Blind Tiger Vineyards Website

I designed and re-vamped Blind Tiger Vineyards website to better cater to their target audience.

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